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Advanced MRI with Your Comfort in Mind

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What can you expect from your MRI exam?

When you visit Las Vegas Radiology for an MRI exam, you will be pleased to discover our tests take a short time and your comfort is our priority. What’s more, you can be present with your child during a test, if a youngster needs an MRI.

1.5 T Advanced imaging and comfort

Most open MRI scanners sacrifice magnet strength to provide more space for patients. The more space open MRI scanners provide, the weaker the magnet becomes. This reduces the field strength below .6 Telsa. With the new Siemens Espree 1.5, Telsa Open Bore scanner, patients benefit from generous space and cutting-edge imaging.

3D MRI Rendering at Las Vegas Radiology

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Quality Care & Superior Imaging

Quality Care & Superior Imaging

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