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Our board-certified radiologists offer you the benefit of receiving services from some of the most qualified and experienced physicians in the Las Vegas area. In addition to personal attention from these doctors and their staff, we offer imaging services using the very best radiology equipment available. MRIs, PET-CT scans, mammograms and more imaging services can be conveniently accessed at any of our five southern Nevada locations (four imaging centers and a cardiology center).

Bhuvana P. Kittusamy
M.D.- Chief Radiologist

Dr. Bhuvana P. Kittusamy, MD is the owner and Facility Medical Director for Las Vegas Radiology, she is Board Certified, in Diagnostic Radiology. Prior to starting Las Vegas Radiology….

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At Las Vegas Radiology we offer dozens of imaging exams and tests that can help diagnose and treat diseases and injuries; including MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, PET-CT scans and more.
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